Robert H. Zieger named 2012 Outstanding Emeritus Faculty

Published: May 22nd, 2012

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Long before his retirement in 2008, Distinguished Professor of

History Emeritus Robert  H. Zieger had earned a reputation as one

of the foremost labor historians in the United States. He is the

author of several groundbreaking monographs and edited

collections in working class history including For Jobs and

Freedom: Race and Labor in America since 1865 and The CIO,

1935-1955, a book which is now considered the definitive

interpretation of the rise of the Committee for Industrial

Organization in the Great Depression.


Since 2008, Dr. Zieger has been as active as ever. In addition to

serving as his union’s delegate to the North Central Florida Central

Labor Council, Bob has published essays in the Journal of Aging,

Humanities and the Arts as well as the Journal of Florida Studies.

Professor Zieger’s newest edited collection, Life and Labor in the

New New South: Essays in Southern Labor History since 1950,

published in 2012 by the University Press of Florida is

characteristically superb.


As part of a select group of emeritus Distinguished Professors at

the University of Florida, Professor Zieger continues to serve his

campus and his community at the highest level. He is a role model

for us all.


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