History grad students win grants and fellowships

Published: December 11th, 2013

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Anna Lankina receives Outstanding International Student award

The history department is proud to announce that our graduate students have won an unprecedented number of university awards this fall.  Three students who will be graduating in spring or summer 2014 received Graduate School Dissertation Awards.  These awards provide financial support and a teaching release, which enable recipients to focus exclusively on the dissertation in the final months before their defense.  Four students won Graduate School Research Travel Awards to support travel for research related to their dissertations.  Finally, Anna Lankina (pictured above) won an Outstanding International Student award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Graduate School Dissertation Awards:

Erin Conlin (AMH, Spillane)
Anna Lankina (EUH, Sterk)
Reid Weber (EUH, Louthan)
(Anna and Reid also won CLAS dissertation awards, but declined them)

Graduate School Research Travel Awards:
Michael Gennaro (AFH, White)
Brian Hamm (LAH, Altman/Caputo)
Brenden Kennedy (AMH, Adams)
Alex Tepperman (AMH, Adler)

International Student Award:
Anna Lankina (EUH)


PhD Graduates:

We also extend our congratulations to two PhD students who have recently defended their dissertations and will graduate in December 2013!

Bridget Bihm-Manual (AMH, Davis)
Sarah Kernan (LAH, Needell)


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