Fifth Annual History Honors Conference

Published: April 5th, 2014

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Fifth Annual History Honors Conference

& Awards Luncheon

Pugh Hall on the University of Florida Campus 

April 12, 2014

Schedule of Panels

Morning Sessions

Social, Intellectual, & Religious Currents in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Chair: Prof. Florin Curta

Rachel Walkover: Reality within the Fantasy: the Romances of Chrétien de Troyes
Holly Soltis: The Strong One & the Bright One: Power and Presence of Melisende of Jerusalem & Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Twelfth Century
Carrie Oehler: “Plucking Flowers in Literary Pastures”: John Foxe, Eusebius, and the Fruition of Early Modern Martyrology
Danny Welch: Knowledge, Empiricism, and Authority in the Works of William Harvey

Coffee Break (10:00-10:15)

Warfare, Politics, and Religion in the Ancient Roman World
Chair: Prof. Andrea Sterk

Harrison Powell: The Roman Legion: Influences on Development and the Reflection of Roman Society
Connor Harrison: Roman Emperors and Religion: Assessing Imperial Policy toward Christians from Philip the Arab to Gallienius
Sarah Harms: Academia and the Politics of Faith: Education in the Fourth-Century Roman Empire
Daniel Conigliaro: In the Shadow of Ambrose: The Lesser-Known Bishops of Northern Italy

Forms of Social Control & Resistance in Nineteenth- & Twentieth-Century America
Chair: Prof. Jon Sensbach

Toni-Lee Maitland: Slavery and Revolution: Henry Laurens and the Dilemma of Freedom
Jackson Loop: American Growing Pains: Rioting in New York City and the Formation of a Jacksonian Identity
Ana Sofia Cala: Why Cash Matters: Bootlegging, Profits, and Money Laundering in Al Capone’s Chicago
Melissa Alberts: The Thin Line between Science and Pseudoscience: Genetics and Eugenics, 1900-1960

Awards Luncheon (12:15-1:45, Pugh Hall Ocora)

Afternoon Sessions

Leaders and Movements of Reform: America’s Shifting Social Landscape, 1860-1980
Chair:  Prof. Benjamin Wise

Joseph Notartomas: Evangelicalism: The Catalyst behind the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Women’s Social Movements
Maya Gaines: The Value of an Education: How Class Consciousness Drove Progressive Education Reform in Florida
Casey Gymrek: Queens of the American Big Top: Women Circus Performers, 1880-1940
Dylan Diaz: Making the Modern Economy: Military Industrial Keynesianism

Homeland, Diaspora, and Migration in the Twentieth & and Twenty-First Centuries
Chair: TBA

Maya Levy: Examining the Haavara Agreement through the Jewish Palestinian Press
Sara Awartani: Assaulting Americanization: The FALN and the Struggle for Independence in Puerto Rico
Helen Miney: The Irish Emigrant: A Nation in Miniature

Coffee Break (3:30-3:45)

The Caribbean: Race, Identity, and Politics in the Colonial and Modern Eras
Chair: Prof. Lillian Guerra

Joanna Joseph: The Colonial Judaic Diaspora in Saint Domingue
Conor Munro: Free People of Color and the Fight for Racial Equality in Trinidad: 1813-1829
Christian Calzadilla: Commandos Mambises: The End of U.S. Covert Operations in Cuba in the 1960s
Génesis Lara: The Forgotten Revolution: Memory, Politics and Anti-Colonial Struggle in the Dominican Republic (1961-1965)

Reconstructing the Past & Negotiating the Present: Memory, Ideology, & Diplomacy in the Modern World
Chair: Prof. Susan O’Brien

Troy Robinson: Factionalism and Consensus Building: Changes in Imperial Japanese Foreign Policy, 1905-1933
Joshua Cole: Rathenau’s Metropolis: Technology, Society, and Reactionary Modernism in Weimar Germany
Michael Boothby: David Bruce and the French Proposal: The First Great Step Towards European Integration after World War II
Joshua Krusell: Discursive Disobedience: Oppositional Politics in Northern Nigeria during the Decolonization Period, 1950-1960
Christopher Garcia: The Manipulation of Trauma in the Algerian Liberation War

*Note simultaneous scheduling


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