The 2016 History Honors Conference

Published: April 14th, 2016

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The History Department is proud to present its Eighth Annual History Honors Conference, which will occur in conjunction with the Department’s Awards Luncheon on Saturday, 16 April 2016 in Smathers 100 (Library East), beginning at 9:00 am.  This annual tradition has our talented undergraduates present their research to their peers, advisors, family and friends.  Please join us for all the festivities.  The program is as follows:

Welcome from the Department of History, Professor Sean Adams
Opening Remarks, Professor Jessica Harland-Jacobs

Session 1 (9:10-10:10) Florida History: 18th, 19th, and 20th-Century Perspectives
Chair: Professor Steve Noll

Hannah Fell, “Mary Port Macklin: A Writer in the Atlantic World, 1751-1823”

Annemarie Nichols, “This Place is Our Home: Claiming Citizenship in Jackson County, Florida”

Katie Gresham, “Southern Belles, Glass Bottom Boats, and Jim Crow: Tourism in Med-Century Florida”

Jacob Murphy, “Making a Monster: How Orlando’s Major Highways Were Built”

Coffee Break (10:10-10:20)

Session 2 (10:20-11:20) Politics, Religion, and Society in European History
Chair: Professor Florin Curta

Adrian Banegas, “The Brothers Gracchi: Failed Sacrosanctity and the Vilification of the Plebian Tribune”

Andrew Latham, “Oxford and its Influence in the Royal Courts of England”

Luke Jeske, “Audience, Writers, Mothers: Contours of Women’s Roles in Russian Salons”

Brian Russell, “Catholicism and Solidarity: Communist Poland’s Transition to Democracy”

Session 3 (11:25-12:15) International Politics, 1960s-Present
Chair: Professor Matt Jacobs

Jany Mendez, “Literacy and the New Man in Cuba”

Lucas Fernandez-Rocha, “La Patria o Muerte: Exploring Cuban Identity in Revolutionary Poster Art”

Avery Segal, “To Sleep on Firewood and Taste Gall (卧薪尝胆): Conflicting Narratives in Modern Chinese History as a Lens to Hong Kong Politics”

Lunch and Awards Ceremony (12:15-1:30) Professor Ben Wise

Session 4 (1:30-2:20) Politics of Race
Chair: Professor Paul Ortiz

Maria Fuentes, “Learning From a Cellblock: A Look at Florida A&M and FSU Students’ Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement in Tallahassee, Florida”

Ebony Taylor, “Lifting as We Climb: Relating Racial Uplift and Black Identity in the Nadir”

Brett Morgan, “Ax Handle Saturday: Jacksonville’s Darkest Day”

Session 5 (2:25-3:15) European Empires and their Legacies
Chair: Professor Sheryl Kroen

Amanda Glenz, “Glutton for Punishment: The Case of Colonel Picton and Empire”

Cory Mikell, “Horatio Nelson: Emblem of Empire in the Age of Revolution”

Elizabeth Krafcik, “Berber Allegiance and the Algerian War for Independence”

Coffee Break (3:15-3:30)

Session 6 (3:30-4:45) Themes in American history
Chair: Professor Louise Newman

Christopher Taylor, “Making “Soldiers of Slaves and Slaves of Soldiers”: The Civil War’s Impact on Southern Masculinity”

Naomi McClain, “Female Managers in a Male World: Annie Wittenmyer and the Female Managers of Union Special Diet Kitchen”

Luke Williams, “Naughty Crimes: The Seizure of an American Spy Ship by North Korea

Holland Hall, “The Pinball Wizard and the Miracle Cure: The Who, Meher Baba, and the Rejection of Psychedelic Spiritual Seeking”

Olivia Phillips, “The Destruction of an Identity: Sterilization of Native American Women in the 1970s


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