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The Department of History’s course syllabi from Summer 2020 and before are below.

Summer B 2020

AMH2010, U.S. History to 1877, Meltsner
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Blanton
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Frenzer
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Gage
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Rahim
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Wise
EUH3122, High Middle Ages, Houle
LAH3300, Contemporary Latin AM, Miranda

Summer A 2020

AMH2020, Cates
AMH3931, History of Education, Silva
EUH4185, Curta
LAH3931, Cold War & Latin America, Fernandez

Spring 2020

AFH2000, Africa in World Hy, Janzen
AFH3200, Africa Since 1800, Janzen

AMH2010, US 1877, Denoylles
AMH2020, US 1865-Present, Brust
AMH2020, US 1865-Present, Noll
AMH3423, Florida Since the Civil War, Noll
AMH3519, Middle East Relations, Jacobs
AMH3674, Slavery & Abolition, Sensbach
AMH3931, Pirates & Rebels, Sensbach
AMH3931, Poverty & Welfare, Gallman
AMH4316, Violence Social Conflict, Adler
AMH4930, Oral History, Ortiz
AMH4930, Post Civil War, Gallman
AMH4930, Race & Gender Cold War, Pearlman
ASH3931, Global AsianAmerica, Orser

EUH3204, 18 Century Europe, Matytsin
EUH3576, 20th Cent Russia, Bernstein
EUH3931, Apocalypse & Millennium, Caputo
EUH3931, Crime & Punishment, Bernstein
EUH4123, Holy War in Middle Ages, Caputo
EUH4930, Imperial Britain, Harland

HIS3465, Scientific Revolution, Matytsin
HIS3942, From Headlines to Histories, Newman
HIS3942, Violence LAH, Guerra
HIS5939, Second-Year Seminar, Adler

LAH2020, Intro LAH, Bretones
LAH3300, Contemporary Latin AM, Needell
LAH3931, Comparative Slavery, Bretones
LAH3931, Film, Image, & CubanRev, Guerra
LAH6936, Brazilian Historiography, Needell

WOH3404, Global History of Energy, Adams

Fall 2019

AFH 3931, Africans in the Americas, Janzen

AMH2010, United States to 1877, Noll
AMH2010, United States to 1877, Sensbach
AMH2020, US Since 1877, Pearlman
AMH2020, US History Since 1877, Rahim
AMH 2020, American Hist Since 1877, Brust
AMH 3551, Constitutional History to 1877, Wolf
AMH3931, Race & Crime, Adler
AMH3931, American Women 19th Cent, Gallman
AMH3931, Black Lives Matter, Pearlman
AMH4110, Early America, Sensbach
AMH4319, Crime & Punishment, Adler
AMH3931, Hist of Education, Silva
AMH 4403, South Since 1860, Link
AMH 4317, History by Hollywood, Newman
AMH4930, AF-AM & Latino Hist, Ortiz (research seminar)
AMH 4930, From Headlines to History, Newman (research seminar)
AMH4930, Florida Environmental History, Noll (research seminar)
AMH5930, American Cultural Hist, Wise
AMH6290, Modern America, Spillane

ASH3931, Digital History Lab-JERUSALEM, Campos

EUH3202, Early Modern Europe, Matytsin
EUH3122, High Middle Ages, Curta
EUH3182, Medieval Archaeology, Curta
EUH 3533, Ireland in the British Empire, Harland-Jacobs
EUH3564, Central and Eastern Europe, Dumitru
EUH3761, Jewish History, Caputo
EUH3931, French Revolution, Matytsin
EUH 3931/JST 3930, Holocaust Studies, Goda
EUH 4282, Cold War in Europe, Esenwein
EUH4664, Modern European Revolutions,Esenwein
EUH4930, Nationalism, Hart (research seminar)

HIS3931, Holocaust Studies, Goda
HIS3942, Abraham Lincoln, Gallman (practicum)
HIS3942, Crime & Criminality, Vrana(practicum)
HIS3942, New York City, Adams (practicum)
HIS3942, The High Middle Ages, Caputo (practicum)
HIS4971, History Honors Workshop, Kroen
HIS 4472/ZOO4926, Hist Evolution, Smocovitis
HIS6061, Histography, Vrana

LAH3100, History of Latin America 1750-1870, Needell
LAH3931, Race Gender Law in Latin America, Deardorff
LAH 4471, Caribbean to 1800, Bretones Lane
LAH4602, Conquest of Amazonia, Needell
LAH4930, Race & Revolution in the Caribbean, Guerra (research seminar)
LAH6934, Sem Col Span America, Deardorff

WOH 4234, Atlantic Exchanges, Bretones Lane
WOH 4243, Empires, Nationalism, and Revolution, Janzen
WOH5932, Topics Wrld Hist, Campos

UFO_AMH2010, United States to 1877, Adams
UFO_AMH2020, US Since 1877, Gage

Summer B 2019

AMH2010, United States to 1877, Muchnok
AMH2020, US Since 1877, Simmons
AMH3931, Famous Trials 20th C, Frenzer
AMH3931, Race&Violence Jazzage, Wise

ASH3931, Global Asia, Altan

EUH3931, Modern Atlantic Empires, Okhovat

LAH3300, Contemporary Latin AM, Needell

UFO_AMH2020, US Since 1877, Strickland

Summer A 2019

AMH2020, US Since 1877, Madison
AMH3931, Sex & Violence US His, Muchnok

LAH3931, Lat Amer & Cold War, Fernandez

Spring 2019

AFH3200, Africa Since 1800, OBrien

AMH 2010 Adler
AMH 2020 Gage (UFO), MuchnokNoll, Strickland
AMH3423, Florida History, Noll
AMH3460, US Urban History, Adler
AMH3552, Constitutional His Snc 1877, Wolf
AMH 3931 Cordova, Frenzer, HartNoll
AMH4403, The South Since 1860, Cates
AMH4930, Watergate Crisis, Link
AMH5930, Power and Policing, Pearlman
AMH6198, Early America Society, Sensbach

ASH3931, The Japanese Empire, Altan

EUH3206, 20th Century Europe, Esenwein
EUH3432, Medieval Italy, Curta
EUH3760, Jewish History, Caputo
EUH 3931  Deardorff, KroenKroen
EUH4185, The Viking Experience, Curta
EUH4665, Terrorism & Pol Viol, Esenwien
EUH4930, 20th Cent Migrations, Freifeld
EUH5934, Apostasy and Self, Caputo

HIS3454, Racial Theories, Hart
HIS3931, Amer Myths and Values, Davis
HIS 3942 Altan,Guerra, Newman, Ortiz
HIS5939, Second Yr Research Seminar, Davis

LAH3300, Contemporary Latin AM, Needell
LAH3470, Intro Caribbean Hist, Geggus
LAH4473, France in Caribbean, Geggus
LAH4630, Brazil After 1750, Needell
LAH4930, Indigenous Colonial, Deardorff
LAH5934, Modern Carib, Guerra

WOH3931, RadReligSpring19, Sensbach
WOH4204,Global Masculinities, Newman

Fall 2018

AMH 2010 Frenzer, Gage (online), MuchnokNoll
AMH 2020 BridgeCates
AMH 3558
AMH 3931 AdlerSensbach
AMH 4130
AMH 4317
AMH 5930
AMH 6199
ASH 3223
ASH 3931 Altan (China)Altan (Women&Gender)Campos
ASH 4930
EUH 3121
EUH 3672
EUH 3931 CurtaKroenNagySahinStickland
EUH 4280
EUH 4610
EUH 4930
EUH 5934
HIS 3942 Caputo Kroen  NeedellNoll
HIS 4971
HIS 6061
IDH 3931
LAH 3100
LAH 3130
LAH 3725
LAH 3931

The syllabuses for years before 2018 are below. They are organized by instructor name.  If that name is hyperlinked, you will be sent to that individual faculty member’s webpage for the syllabus.  If it is not, links to the individual course syllabuses will be listed behind the instructor’s name.

Full-Time Faculty

Adams, Sean

Adler, Jeffrey: AMH3460AMH4316 (2015); ; AMH4319AMH 4316 (2016)AMH 2010 (2016); AMH 3931

Altman, Ida: LAH/EUH 4930LAH 5934LAH 6934LAH 4930

Campos, Michelle: ASH3931 (Digital)ASH3931 (Revolutions)ASH3223

Caputo, Nina EUH3931EUH4930EUH3670;  EUH3671

Curta, Florin

Dale, Elizabeth

Davis, Jack: AMH3931 (America By Nature); AMH4612AMH2631AMH5930AMH3630AMH 39313 (Baby Boom); HIS3931 (American Myths); AMH/EUH3931 (History of Water); AMH3421; AMH2631

Effros, Bonnie: EUH5934EUH3180;  EUH5934(Christianity and the Body)

Esenwein, George: EUH3206EUH4280EUH4930 

Finkel, StuartEUH3575WOH3205EUH4930

Freifeld, Alice: EUH4563

Gallman, J. MatthewAMH3931; HIS3942AMH 6199; AMH3931 (War in Literature and Film); AMH 3561 AMH 3931 

Geggus, David

Goda, Norman: EUH3269EUH3030

Guerra, LillianLAH3931 (Cuba)LAH3931 (Film); LAH3931 (Cuban Revolution)LAH3725; LAH3931 (Cuba) LAH3931 (Gender) 

Harland-Jacobs, Jessica

Hart, Mitchell: HIS3942 (2015) EUH3931 (2015);  EUH3931 (2016)HIS3942 (2016)HIS6061EUH4930EUH3931 (2017); AMH5930

Hunt, Nancy: HIS3942; AFH3931

Jacobs, Matthew: WOH3241

Kendi, Ibram: AMH5930AMH3931 (Hist of Hip Hop); AMH3931 (Sports and Society);  AMH3931(Race and Education); HIS3454

Kroen, Sheryl: EUH4930EUH5934EUH3931HIS3942;  HIS4971; EUH3931 (Modern France)HIS6061

Link,  William: AMH4571AMH4930; AMH6290

Needell, Jeffrey: LAH3300 (2015)LAH4630; LAH3300 (2016)LAH4930; LAH6936; LAH3100

Newman, Louise: HIS3942; AMH5930AMH3931 (Media, Politics, & Women); AMH4930; WOH4204AMH4317AMH3931 (Presidential Elections); AMH3562HIS6061; AMH4317 (2017); WOH4204 (2017) Masculinities f17

Noll, Steve: AMH2010 (2015);  AMH2020 (2015)AMH3423(2015); AMH2010 (2016); AMH 3423 (2016)AMH 3931 AMH 3340AMH3423 (2017); AMH2020 (2017); AMH 2010- (2017)AMH 3931 (Diversity); AMH4930

O’Brien, Susan: AFH 2000AFH4253

Ortiz, Paul: AMH3500

Pearlman, Lauren: AMH4575AMH2020; AMH6290AMH3931 (Blackness in Post-Civil Rights); AMH3931(New Jim Crow); AMH2020 (2017)AMH3931 (Black Lives Matter)

Schuering, Michael: EUH4464EUH5934EUH3931 (Divided Germany)EUH3931 (The Rhine in European History)HIS3942EUH3931 (20th Century Germany); EUH3931 (Imperial Germany)HIS3931 (Nuclear History) 

Sensbach, Jon: AMH 3931AMH6198; AMH4130; AMH4930; AMH6198 (2017); 

Smocovitis, Betty: HIS4472

Spillane, Joseph

Vrana, Heather:  LAH 2020LAH 3741

White, Luise: AFH3200 (2015); WOH4203AFH3200 (2016); WOH4243 (2017)

Wise, Ben: AMH3931AMH2020; AMH3931 (2017)


Adjunct and Part-Time Instructors

Berson, Tom: AMH 2010

Chauca, Roberto: LAH3130

Lankina, Anna: AMH 2020

Porter, Laura: AMH3674AMH 2010;

Shamat, Hania: ASH3931

Sowell, David: LAH3931

Tegeder, David: AMH 2010 (Spring 2016)

Trainor, Sean: AMH2010AMH3931AMH2010 (Spring 2017) 

Graduate Instructors

Aubert, Aurelia: AMH2010

Boetcher, Derek: EUH 3502

Bredehoeft, Brian: AMH2020

deNoyelles, Adrienne: AMH2020

Donaldson Jr., Anthony: AMH 2020 

Farnsworth, Cacey: LAH 3130

Foreman, Nick: AMH3931AMH 2020 

Hamm, Brian: EUH-LAH 3931LAH 3100

Houle, Luc: EUH3931

Jett, Brandon: AMH 2020

Koval, Matthew: EUH3121

Kozick, Bryan: EUH3144

Rothstein, Rachel: EUH 2002

Saionz, Matt: AMH 2010AMH 2010 (Spring 2017)

Simmons, Matt: AMH 2020

Sorvillo, Craig: EUH 3035 

Strickland, Matthew: AMH 2010

Taber, Robert: EUH-LAH3931

Taylor, Jessica: AMH2010AMH3931

Tepperman, Alex: AMH 2020

Woolley, Christopher: LAH3931