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Course Syllabi, Spring 2020 – Fall 2020

Fall 2020

AFH3100, Africa to 1800, O’Brien
AFH3931, Health in Africa, Hunt

AMH2010, US to 1877, Noll
AMH2020, US Since 1877, Pearlman
AMH3340, Disability in America, Noll
AMH3421, Florida to 1845, Noll
AMH3460, US Urban History, Adler
AMH3500, US Labor History, Ortiz
AMH3931, Crime & Gender, Gallman
AMH3931, History of Education, Terzian
AMH3931, TV Pasts, Newman
AMH3931, Watergate Crisis, Link
AMH4160, Early Republic, Gallman
AMH4319, Crime & Punishment, Adler
AMH4373, American Capitalism, Adams
AMH4930, History to Headlines, Newman (research seminar)
AMH4930, The Making of Modern America, Wise (research seminar)
AMH6198, Early American Society, Sensbach

ASH3442, Modern Japan, Gerien-Chen
ASH3931, Asia & the World, Chang
ASH3931, Modern China, Chang
ASH3931-EUH3931, Istanbul, Not Constantinople, Sahin

EUH3091, Intel Hist Renais-Modern, Matytsin
EUH3330, Late Mod C & E Europe, Freifeld
EUH3575, Imperial Russian History, Bernstein
EUH3931, European Dictatorship, Esenwein
EUH3931, Holocaust in the Courtroom, Goda
EUH3931-LAH3931, Spanish Golden Age, Deardorff
EUH4930, 20th Cent Migrations, Freifeld (research seminar)
EUH5934, Methods in Intel Hist, Matytsin

HIS3495, Hist Infectious Disease, Smocovitis
HIS3942, Germs & the Constitution, Dale (practicum)
HIS3942, Methods, Sources, & African History, Janzen (practicum)
HIS3942, Patriotic War, Bernstein (practicum)
HIS4971, Honors Workshop, Kroen
HIS6061, Historiography, Adams

LAH3100, Hist Latin America, Needell
LAH3470, Intro to Caribbean History, Bretones-Lane
LAH3931-LAH5934, History of Asylum Seeking, Bretones-Lane
LAH4930, Race & Slavery Brazil, Needell (research seminar)
LAH5934, The Iberian Atlantic World, Deardorff

WOH2040, World in 20th Century, Esenwein
WOH3241, Vietnam War, Jacobs
WOH4243, Empires, Nationalism, & Revolution, Janzen
WOH4264, Empires & Imperialism, Gerien-Chen
WOH4930, 20th Century Revolutions, Vrana (research seminar)
WOH5932, Empires & Imperialism, Harland-Jacobs

UFO_AMH2010, US to 1877, Meltsner
UFO_AMH2020, US Since 1877, Gage
UFO_AMH2020, US Since 1877, Muchnok

IDS2935, Civil Rights, Pearlman

Summer B 2020

AMH2010, U.S. History to 1877, Meltsner
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Blanton
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Frenzer
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Gage
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Rahim
AMH2020, US SINCE 1877, Wise
EUH3122, High Middle Ages, Houle
LAH3300, Contemporary Latin AM, Miranda

Summer A 2020

AMH2020, Cates
AMH3931, History of Education, Silva
EUH4185, Curta
LAH3931, Cold War & Latin America, Fernandez

Spring 2020

AFH2000, Africa in World Hy, Janzen
AFH3200, Africa Since 1800, Janzen
AMH2010, US 1877, Denoylles
AMH2020, US 1865-Present, Brust
AMH2020, US 1865-Present, Noll
AMH3423, Florida Since the Civil War, Noll
AMH3519, Middle East Relations, Jacobs
AMH3674, Slavery & Abolition, Sensbach
AMH3931, Pirates & Rebels, Sensbach
AMH3931, Poverty & Welfare, Gallman
AMH4316, Violence Social Conflict, Adler
AMH4930, Oral History, Ortiz (research seminar)
AMH4930, Post Civil War, Gallman (research seminar)
AMH4930, Race & Gender Cold War, Pearlman (research seminar)

ASH3931, Global AsianAmerica, Orser

EUH3204, 18 Century Europe, Matytsin
EUH3576, 20th Cent Russia, Bernstein
EUH3931, Apocalypse & Millennium, Caputo
EUH3931, Crime & Punishment, Bernstein
EUH4123, Holy War in Middle Ages, Caputo
EUH4930, Imperial Britain, Harland (research seminar)

HIS3465, Scientific Revolution, Matytsin
HIS3942, From Headlines to Histories, Newman
HIS3942, Violence LAH, Guerra
HIS5939, Second-Year Seminar, Adler

LAH2020, Intro LAH, Bretones
LAH3300, Contemporary Latin AM, Needell
LAH3931, Comparative Slavery, Bretones
LAH3931, Film, Image, & CubanRev, Guerra
LAH6936, Brazilian Historiography, Needell

WOH3404, Global History of Energy, Adams


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