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Recent Theses & Projects

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Cracker Culture, video by Monica Berra

Visual Propaganda and the Aryan Family: The Difficulties of De-Emancipating Women of the Third Reich, poster by Elizabeth McNeill

Some Recent Senior Theses:

  • Four Decades of Struggle: The Rodman Reservoir and Florida Environmental History
  • Tribe and Prejudice: Iroquois Women Reactions to Jesuit Missionaries in the 17th Century
  • The Palestinian Resistance Before Black September: An Analysis of Influences at the Institutional Level
  • The Recovery of a Militant German Masculinity, 1918-1945
  • “Our People” in Smyrnéa: Race, Toil, and Community on a British East Florida Indigo Plantation
  • The Impact of Preferential Policing on the Detroit Heroin Market—From the Prohibition to the 1950
  • Hellenistic Holy War: Julian’s Invasion of Persia in 363 CE
  • Picturing the Past: The Role of Political Cartoons in Spain’s Transition to Democracy, 1975-1978
  • Fair Trade and Organic Coffee in Nicaragua: Certification, Prospects and Dangers
  • The Patriotic Mask: Nationalist Propaganda in the Antisemitic Press at the Time of the Dreyfus Affair
  • Des Arts, Des Monuments, Destructions: Iconoclasm and Vandalism During the French Revolution
  • Peace or Polarity? A Study of UN Peacekeeping Missions in Africa during and after the Cold War
  • “My Skin is Against Me”: Early African-American Baseball and Race Relations in Post-Civil War America
  • African Americans and the Eugenics Movement in the 20th Century
  • Skeptics and Believers—The Evolving Relationship Between Superstition and Religion, 1400-1700
  • The Origin of the Jewish Seat: The Ascension of Louis D. Brandeis to the SCOTUS
  • With All Deliberate Delay: School Desegregation in Alachua County, Florida, 1954-1971
  • Weapons of the Weak: Sports and Nationalism in the Soviet Bloc
  • Southern Protests: Scott Camil and the Anti-War Movement at the University of Florida, 1969-1975