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A wide-ranging group of scholars, representing African, American, Latin American, European, Middle Eastern, and world history, are currently working on the history of religion. The department boasts particular strength in late antique and medieval religious history and in religion in the early modern European, American and Atlantic contexts. UF historians have secured major grants both for individual projects and collaborative programs such as Faithful Narratives:The Challenge of Religion in History (Sept 08-Dec 09).

An illustrated page from the Sarajevo Haggadah  (14th Century)
An illustrated page from the Sarajevo Haggadah
(14th Century)

Faculty and graduate students at UF collaborate with scholars of religion working in other disciplines. The Department has strong affiliations with both the Department of Religion and interdisciplinary centers such as Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS), the Center for Jewish Studies, the Center for African Studies, and the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere.

Graduate students studying the history of religion work within a specific degree-granting section (American, African, European, or Latin American) but may take advantage of seminars and faculty in other sections to build a minor field in religious history. Recent minor fields in religious history include: Religion in Late Antiquity, Twentieth-Century African Religion, Medieval Religion, Historiography of Race and Religion, Modern Jewish History, the Reformation.


Juliana Barr (early America, borderlands, women & religion in the Spanish southwest)

Michelle Campos (modern Middle East; Muslim-Non-Muslim relations)

Nina Caputo (Jews & Christians in the Middle Ages; medieval Jewish history & culture)

Florin Curta (medieval archeology and material aspects of conversion)

Bonnie Effros (late antique and early medieval gender and spirituality; ritual practice and conversion)

Alice Freifeld (Jewish studies)

Norm Goda (Holocaust studies; Jews and the Holocaust)

Jessica Harland-Jacobs (religion in the British Empire)

Mitchell Hart (modern Jewish history; race and religion)

Sue O’Brien (Islam in Africa)

Jon Sensbach (early America, African-American religion, religious awakenings in the early South and Atlantic world)

Andrea Sterk (ancient & medieval Christianity; monks & bishops; mission & Christianization, east & west)


Burning of Jan Hus at the stake, Diebold Schilling, Spiezer Chronik (1485)
Burning of Jan Hus at the stake,
Diebold Schilling, Spiezer Chronik (1485)


Smathers Library at the University of Florida houses a solid collection of Latin and Greek patristic writings; rare book collection with a strength in early modern religion; the country’s premier Latin American and Caribbean history collection; and an outstanding Judaica collection (particularly for Central and East European Jewry).

Graduate students take full advantage of the programs and resources of the following centers:

Center for African Studies
Center for European Studies
Center for Jewish Studies
Latin American Studies
Medieval & Early Modern Studies
Oral History Program
Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research
Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere



Moravian missionaries in the Caribbean
Moravian missionaries in the Caribbean

Graduate Course Work in Religious History

Recently Taught Graduate Seminars

Late Antiquity: From Pagan Rome to Christian Europe
Conversion in the Middle Ages
Heresy in Premodern Europe
Religion and Gender in African History
Religion in Africa and the World
Empires and Religion
Holy War
Early American Religion
The Gendered Body in Christianity, 200-800
Reformation Europe
The Black Atlantic
Mission, Conversion, Christianization, 200-1000
Religion and Reform, 1400-1750
Religions in the Atlantic World
Race and Religion in History

Undergraduate Courses with Graduate Sections

History of Christianity
Jewish History, 711-1492
“New Rome”: Church & Culture in the Byzantine Empire
Islam in African History
Orthodox Christianity
The Jewish Diaspora in Latin America
The Jewish Holocaust
Intro to Islamic Civilization
Muslims and non-Muslims in the Modern Middle East

Recent History PhDs who worked on dissertations in religious history

Andrew Holt (2013)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Florida State College at Jacksonville
Dissertation: “Medieval Masculinity and the Crusades: The Clerical Creation of a New Warrior Identity”

Robert McEachnie (2013)
Current Position: Lecturer in the Ancient World, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dissertation: “Constructing a Christian Community: The Sermons of Chromatius of Aquileia, 388-407”

Benjamin J. Miller (2012)
Current Position: Donna Klein Jewish Academy, Boca Raton, Florida
Dissertation: “In God’s Presence: Chaplains, Missionaries, and the Religious Space of War and Peace”

Dawn Shedden (2012)
Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Eckerd College
Dissertation: “Crossing Boundary Lines: Religion, Revolution, and Nationalism on the German Border, 1789-1815”

Daniel Julich (2009)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of History, Sterling College
Dissertation: “Pascal, devout savant: Science, religion, and the learned community in seventeenth-century Paris”

Michael Morse (2009)
Current Position: Chair, Humanities, Foreign Languages, and Behavioral Sciences, Lake Sumter State College
Dissertation: “The Politics of Art and Religion: Absolutism and Catholic Iconography in Early Stuart England, 1603-1649”

John W. Catron (2008)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of History, Delta State University
Dissertation: “Across the Great Water: Religion and Diaspora in the Black Atlantic”

Barclay T. Key (2007)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of History, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Dissertation: “Race and Restoration : Churches of Christ and the African American freedom struggle”

Samuel Pierce (2007)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina Aiken
Dissertation: “Catholicism in Spain’s Second Republic (1931-1936): The Confederacion Espanola de Derechas Autonomas in Madrid, Seville, and Toledo”

Mark Correll (2006)
Current Position: Associate Professor of History, Spring Arbor University, Michigan
Dissertation: “Finding the Word of God: The Contest for Moral Authority in Germany’s Protestant Christian Community, 1890-1919”

Jace Stuckey (2006)
Dissertation: “Charlemagne : the making of an image, 1100-1300”
Current Position: Assistant Professor of History, Marymount University

Steven Matthews (2004)
Current Position: Associate Professor and Department Head, University of Minnesota Duluth
Dissertation: “Apocalypse and Experiment: The Theological Assumptions and Religious Motivations of Francis Bacon’s Instauration”

Randall J. Stephens (2003)
Current Position: Reader in History and American Studies, Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K.
Dissertation: “‘The fire spreads’ : the origins of the southern holiness and Pentecostal movements”