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Graduate Certificate Programs

The History Department coordinates with a variety of other units on campus in a wide range of certificate programs.

African Studies
This graduate minor is aimed at students who are interested in adding a disciplinary dimension to their historical study of the African continent. Students may earn a minor by taking at least 6 credits of courses with a majority African content and having on the supervisory committee at least one faculty member who is not from the History Department and who is affiliated with the Center for African Studies.

Digital Humanities

UF’s interdisciplinary graduate certificate in DH provides students with a broad-based study of DH practices; an in-depth experience of DH within a specific discipline; and the opportunity, through its capstone studio course, to produce a portfolio tailored to the student’s own discipline and career goals. It is designed for students preparing for faculty positions as well as those seeking alt-ac positions. The certificate is open to graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS); it draws on existing courses in a number other colleges (the College of Art, the College of Education, the College of Journalism), counts designated courses retroactively towards the certificate (see list of courses under Requirements), and plans to expand eligibility to graduate and professional students across the university.

European Studies
This program directs and coordinates interdisciplinary instruction, research, and outreach related to Europe. The curriculum provides a broad foundation for students preparing for teaching or other professional careers requiring knowledge of Europe.

Gender and Development
Government and non-governmental organizations are paying increasing attention to the role of gender in development for reasons of equity and efficiency. This certificate program looks to prepare students from various disciplines to work on gender-related equity issues.

Historic Preservation
This program allows Masters and Ph.D. students to learn about the basics of historic preservation. Within the concentration, students are exposed to the breadth of topics in preservation as well as the fundamental characteristics of the field.

Latin American Studies
This certificate is aimed at tying students’ historical studies of Latin America to broader interdisciplinary perspectives on the subject. Students must accrue 12-15 credit hours of Latin American area studies courses to get the certificate.

Medieval Archaeology Certificate Program
This unique program is designed to recognize the importance of the special skills required in the field of Medieval Archaeology. These skills – particularly analytical skills, basic field techniques, knowledge of medieval history, ability to combine written with archaeological sources – are meant to augment the studies of students focusing on Medieval history.

Oral History Internship
This program is aimed at introducing History students to an important methodological philosophy. The program’s semester-long internships are available to graduate students for either two or three credit hours.

Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
This certificate covers Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) training for a variety of languages, including English. Students who are interested in teaching either abroad or in ESL will find this program particularly valuable.

Social Science Methodology
The principal mission of the program is to provide thorough training in the research methodologies that bear directly on the student’s planned career. This certificate will be particularly valuable to students who plan to utilize social scientific quantitative analysis in their research.

Women’s Studies
This certificate program offers the opportunity to develop a thorough grounding in Women’s Studies scholarship. Students who pursue this course will be able to augment their historical study of women’s issues by developing an interdisciplinary perspective.