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Study Abroad and Language Training

History majors are strongly encouraged to consider study abroad options. Learning “on site” can be one of the most valuable experiences of a major. Touring the Taj Mahal and other monuments of the Mogul empire, wandering the medieval alleys of Paris and Prague or trekking to the ancient Incan city of Machu Pichu gives a perspective on the past that cannot be replicated in the classroom. History Department faculty are involved in a number of UF-sponsored programs that students should be encouraged to consider: Thanksgiving in Munich, the Department’s summer history program at Cambridge University in England, a semester or year in Paris, or even a short-term archaeological project. For a full list of options students should check with the UF International Center. Additionally, history majors have the option of joining non-UF programs to study in other parts of the world. In order to receive credit for the history major, students should consult with the undergraduate coordinator.

In related fashion all history majors are urged to begin or continue the study of a foreign language. For those who may be contemplating graduate school, the knowledge of at least one foreign language is normally a prerequisite for matriculation. Languages open the door to other cultures and histories and help guard against a more parochial and provincial understanding of the past. With even a basic knowledge of one foreign language, a history major may be able to work with a professor on an advanced independent study project conducting research with primary sources abroad. UF, in fact, sponsors a program, the University Scholars Program, through which students receive a substantial summer grant that can be used to conduct independent research of this nature.