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U.S. 19th Century


Six members of UF’s history faculty study nineteenth-century America. Their research interests stretch the century to include the last several decades of the 1700s and first several decades of the 1900s, while their topical interests range from religion to capitalism.

Sean Adams (political economy and industrial development)
Jeffrey Adler (history of violence and urban history)
Elizabeth Dale (constitutional (comparative and US), history of civil rights, citizenship, and criminal law)
Matthew Gallman (Civil War)
William A. Link (antebellum politics and Progressive Era)
Jon Sensbach (religion, slavery, and Atlantic history)

Students focusing on nineteenth-century America frequently take classes in the English Department, which has a wide offering of nineteenth-century literature classes. Students also enroll in Sociology, Political Science, and Criminology classes.

Graduate Seminars

Classes within the history department are frequently taught that either focus solely on nineteenth-century America or focus heavily on the nineteenth century. They include the following:

American Capitalism
American Culture 1880-1940
Nineteenth- Century Anglo-American Political Culture
Nineteenth-Century America
Search for the New South
Southern History 1607-1865