History Honors Conference, 2015

Considering the History Honors Program?

The History Department’s Honors Program is a one of a kind experience for UF undergrads. The culmination of  an entire year’s work comes to fruition with the Honors Thesis Conference… Read More


UF Class Uniting the Humanities and STEM Gets National Attention

For a few years now, several faculty in UF’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have been collaborating with the Material Science and Engineering Department to team-teach the course EMA1004:… Read More


History Learning Center Opens in Keene-Flint

If you are a student in a history class and looking for help, the History Department has the place for you. No, it is not Frederick Jackson Turner’s 1894 seminar… Read More


SPOHP Wins Award from the Oral History Association

The Oral History Association (OHA), the national professional organization for oral history practitioners, will honor the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and George A. Smathers Libraries Mississippi Freedom Summer Oral… Read More


Welcome Back!

Although the surrounding territory looks a bit different these days, the old Science Hall (now Keene-Flint) is a perennial landmark on UF’s historical campus. As we begin the new 2015-16… Read More