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Application Procedure

Most students apply for admission to the History Honors Program in spring of their junior year. The application deadline is Friday, 15 March 2020, although, if spaces remain open, applications are considered on a rolling basis through the spring and summer. Students will not be allowed to enroll in the History Thesis Workshop (HIS 4971) until an application has been filed and accepted.

An application consists of two parts:

1. Project description: a 1-2-page statement outlining a viable thesis topic. It should include a basic introduction to the proposed project, a set of research questions, a list of primary sources to be consulted, and, if possible, a brief discussion of historiography (and/or a brief bibliography of secondary sources). Click here for a sample project description. 

    • While professors will assist in the process of defining a topic, it is up to the students to identify one that will maintain their interest for two or more semesters; will be based in extensive engagement with sources; and has a manageable scope (see Recent & Sample Theses and the Thesis Library in the HHP Archive).
    • Students who are well advanced in this process should apply to the University Scholars Program and the CLAS Scholars Program, which provide students with stipends to work one-on-one with faculty over the summer to pursue research.
  1. An email statement from your Faculty Advisor indicating that they have approved your topic and are willing to direct your thesis the following year.

All materials must be submitted electronically to the Honors Program Director, Professor Sheryl Kroen ( by March 15, 2020. You will be notified of your acceptance into the program by mid-April.

Note: Students whose upper-division GPAs are close to, but do not yet meet, the 3.5 requirement are still welcome to apply.